I recently moved…and wanted to use this as an opportunity to change industry. This proved extremely challenging and, after several increasingly frustrating months, I sought Helen’s services which proved to be invaluable.

-K, Houston, TX



I met Helen through my many attempts at finding employment that was suitable to my education, my life goals and a desire to work at a world- renowned company that my parents would recognize. …Helen’s feedback was GOLD.. I applaud Helen for her exceptional ability to quickly analyze a client and focus on the areas that need developing in order to be successful.
Thank you, Helen! I would still be struggling career wise, were it not for your sage advice and adept skills in counseling.

-KS, Houston, TX




I recently undertook a career review with Helen. Helen has been invaluable in bringing clarity to my thinking around career choices. She used Myers Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory tests, and importantly was able to help me to interpret the results. Some of the findings were initially surprising to me, but that was what was so valuable about it, it made me think differently about my options. Helen is very perceptive and used real life examples from our conversation to make the results resonate.

I have undertaken Myers Briggs and other similar tests before and have appreciated them, but I got a better insight this time. Helen helped me understand my values and motivations in relation to work and to steer me towards a career path that was right, and authentic, for me. The work we did together quickly led me to a new job, in fact I finally found the courage to try out a vocation I’d been drawn to for most of my working life but avoided for various reasons. Helen’s input has also helped me make progress towards my other long term aspirations.

Helen’s approach is friendly and professional and I felt reassured right from the start. I can’t thank her enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

-KG, London, UK


I needed help in re-directing my career, as my position was eliminated because of the oil & gas downturn of 2015-16.

Helen is a very thorough Career Development counselor that has a very wide array of resources… .  I found that she has vast knowledge on resume writing, interview preparation and networking events & strategies. However, what makes Helen stand out is a holistic approach, where she leverages the aforementioned resources with the emotional well-being of the counselee. This becomes crucial when faced with high stress situations such as job search while unemployed in a very tight market.

I was very happy with the help and guidance that Helen provided while on my job search, and certainly would recommend her to anyone that requires counsel in a career choice or an effective job search strategy.


-AA, Houston, TX


Helen is absolutely fantastic… .   she was a great professional mentor who helped mold me into an even better individual!

-AH, Houston, TX


I met Helen when I was in college over 10 years ago (2005). Back then, she was working at the career svcs office and became not only an adviser but a mentor to me. Helen coached me through the hiring process, first for an internship at Johnson & Johnson, later for a permanent role there once I graduated. Through the years, she has continued to guide me in my career development with excellent results. Thank you very much for your commitment…which goes well beyond a role as a counselor… . We can always count on you!

-DR, Miami, FL


I met Helen in 2006 when she was the Associate Director of the Engineering Career Center at Florida International University and we have stayed in touch for over a decade. Her willingness to help and her advice for my resume as well as the coaching I received to prepare for my interviews helped me land my dream job at the time.
I would highly recommend Helen to anyone who needs career advice/career coaching.

LM, Miami, FL



I met Ms. Godfrey during my junior year at the University of Houston (2010). I still keep in contact with her to this day. Ms. Godfrey has gone above and beyond in helping to guide me toward a better career path. She never fails to keep in touch and let me in on career fairs as well as employment opportunities she finds that match my passions. She is truly compassionate and takes the time to get to know her students.

V V, Houston, TX


It is with great pleasure that I endorse Helen Godfrey. I have known her since 2000 and can attest to her knowledge, professionalism, compassion and dedication to those she serves. … Her commitment to serve everyone she interacts with transformed my own way of appreciating those that I work with, especially those that I also serve.

CN, Miami, FL


Working with Helen is a pleasure. It is very evident that she is always thinking about others first. She gives excellent and actionable advice, and you can always count on her support.

AS, Houston, TX


Helen is a joyful individual with a selfless heart in serving others.  …  Given her diverse experiences, particularly in cross-cultural environments, she understands the obstacles one might encounter during the course of their career journey.

I am very fortunate (and lucky) to have Helen’s support in helping me grow. She draws out the best in others and I highly recommend her for developing others throughout their careers.

AL, Houston, TX


Helen provided outstanding support through my career/job search, with effective interview skills coaching and mock sessions, career advice and resume editing help. Professional and personable, Helen made everyone around her feel at ease and receptive to her recommendations. Great communicator and coach.

MD, Miami, FL


Helen is one of the greatest people who will go out her way to help, and she knows how to get her point across with the respect to everyone’s opinion.

EE, Miami, FL


Hi Helen,

I just wanted to let you know that I got the job…..  I must personally say thanks to you as that STAR advice did wonders for me. It’s amazing, it made me more comfortable in the interview as I knew I was “well armed”. They invited a group of us to dinner and I was personally told that they like my energy. I don’t know if you remember , but you told me the same thing and that telling a story did it for me as “a picture is worth a thousand words”

KF, Miami, FL


Good Morning Helen,

I have good news!! I received an invitation for the second round of interviews….Now, I have been requested to update my resume again with the projects that I have been part of in the past 2 months… Here, once again, I would like to ask you to please check the e-mail (Copied below) that I am sending to make sure it does not have any catastrophic grammatical errors =).

Like always, thank you very much for all your help. I don’t know what I would do without you.

DC, Miami, FL