Helen Godfrey, MA, NCC, BCC, LPC

Career & Life Coach; Licensed Professional Counselor in Houston, Texas

Create Powerful Intentions for an Extraordinary Life

Living a life of intention and purpose requires introspection, planning, and dedicated follow-through. When you set clear goals and take purposeful action, you exponentially increase your chances of achieving what you desire. Intentions provide a roadmap to manifest your dreams and live according to your true values.

Why Intentions Matter

Intentions are more than wishful thinking. They are the seeds you plant to grow the life you want.

Consider these benefits of living with intention:

Intentions drive action – Stating an intention activates your subconscious mind to notice opportunities related to your goals. You naturally take steps aligned with your aims.

Intentions breed motivation  – Clearly articulated goals energize you with a sense of purpose. You feel compelled to follow through because your intentions reflect your authentic desires.

Intentions create accountability – When you declare your focus, you feel accountable to yourself and others. You know people will ask about your progress, motivating you to take action.

Intentions attract opportunities – Making intentions public increases synchronicity and opens doors. You notice more possibilities related to your stated desires.

Intentions build self-trust – As you set and accomplish incremental goals, your self-confidence grows. You develop faith in your ability to actualize your aspirations.

In short, intentions provide the key ingredients to translate your dreams into reality – clarity, motivation, support, and belief in yourself.

Pursuing your goals without intention is like sailing without a compass. Intentions give you direction and keep your values front and center.

How to Set Powerful Intentions

Transforming desires into intentions requires reflection and strategic planning. Follow these steps:

Get clear on your values

Your intentions should align with your core values. Ask yourself:

– What matters most to me in life?

– What principles guide my decisions?

– How do I want to experience each day?

Once you identify your guiding values like service, adventure, creativity, etc., use them to inform meaningful intentions.

Tip: Review your values if you ever feel unmotivated. Aligning intentions with your values provides fuel to act.

Envision your best life

Imagine every aspect of your life is exactly as you want it to be. What does that look like? Describe your ideal:

– Relationship – Partner, family, and friends

– Lifestyle – Home, belongings, location

– Career – Job role, skills, impact

– Health – Energy levels, physical shape, diet

– Personal growth – Knowledge, skills, experiences

– Fun – Hobbies, recreation, vacations

Envisioning your best life activates your subconscious mind to manifest this vision. Get clear and specific about what you want.

Break it down into goals

Turn big-picture visions into defined goals in major life areas:

Career- Dream job, leadership role, promotions, skills to learn

Financial – Income amount, savings, investments, assets

Health – Weight, energy levels, physical shape, nutrition, sleep

Personal growth – Books to read, skills to learn, experiences

Relationships – Quality time with loved ones, new friends

Fun – Travel, hobbies, activities

Breaking goals down into concrete intentions is key to taking action. Define what, when, and how much in each area.

Make intentions time-bound

Give your intentions deadlines to create urgency. Note:

Long-term – 1-10 years – Ex: Publish a book in 5 years

Medium-term- 3-12 months – Ex: Get book proposal done in 6 months

Short-term – Daily, weekly – Ex: Write for book 1 hour daily

Having intentions at varying time frames provides vision while keeping you focused on next steps. Map out deadlines connected to your bigger goals.

Pro Tip: Set reminders in your calendar for intention check-ins. Review them weekly and monthly.

Make them measurable

Quantify your intentions to gauge progress. For example:

Instead of “Exercise more”, say:

– Walk 10,000 steps daily

– Lift weights 3x per week

– Run 2 miles in under 16 minutes

Measurable goals allow you to track progress and celebrate wins. Define exactly how you’ll measure success upfront.

State them affirmatively

Phrase your intentions in the affirmative. Instead of “I will stop being late”, say “I will arrive 5 minutes early.” Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

Share them with others

Telling people your intentions builds in accountability. Ask for support and let them know you’ll update them on progress.

Making intentions public motivates follow through. You know people will ask how it’s going and want to see you succeed.

Visualize success frequently

Spend time each morning seeing yourself achieving your intentions in your mind’s eye. Visualization activates your subconscious to support your aims.

Use all your senses to imagine. Make it as real as possible! See, feel, hear, smell, and taste the experience of your intentions manifested.

Review and adjust quarterly

Set aside time every 3 months to review your intentions. Which did you achieve? What progress have you made?

Then adjust your goals accordingly. Adapt your intentions based on results, changing priorities, and personal growth.

Bring Your Intentions to Life

Once clear on your intentions, take action daily. Consistent progress is key, however small. Apply these strategies to manifest your most heartfelt goals:

Start your day by stating them – Say your intentions aloud or write them down. This ritual sets your focus each morning.

Break big goals into small steps- Daily, weekly actions that inch you forward. Small progress compounds to create big results.

Track actions, not just outcomes – Instead of just weighing yourself, track nutrition and exercise habits. Focus on what you can control.

Celebrate small wins – Note progress and pat yourself on the back. This maintains motivation during the long haul.

Review before bed- Reflect on what went well and what you’d improve tomorrow. Adjust accordingly.

Reward yourself- Celebrate achieving short-term milestones along the way with fun experiences.

Enlist support – Share your intentions and progress with friends. Ask them to cheer you on.

Be flexible- If life gets busy, recalibrate. Extend your deadline or adjust the goal while maintaining integrity.

Remember, it’s never too late to get clear on what you want and take steps towards it. Start where you are. Ask yourself, “What is one thing I can do right now that will get me closer to my goal?” Small steps lead to big results.

Helpful Intention Setting Books

The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

The Desire Map by lifestyle guru Danielle LaPorte is an empowering guide to clarifying your core desired feelings and aligning your intentions with these states of being.

Through introspective exercises and planning templates, LaPorte leads readers through identifying key emotions like freedom, vibrancy, coziness that fuel their ideal life. The book provides an actionable blueprint for getting clear on your unique Core Desired Feelings and then making decisions guided by your authentic self.

Readers gain tools to filter intentions and goals through the lens of how certain pursuits will make them feel. This emotional resonance is key to setting powerful intentions you’ll follow through on. The Desire Map helps readers tune into their inner wisdom.

The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll

Carroll guides readers through self-reflection to discover their true values and longings as well as a flexible way to stay organized. He  shares effective techniques to transform priorities  into clear, measurable goals and daily habits. Carroll’s strategies help readers design their own customized, step-by-step roadmaps to accomplish intentions with emotional intelligence and self-compassion.

This book equips readers with skills to stay focused amid distraction and continually adjust course based on results. Carroll blends psychology, philosophy, and productivity principles into an intentional living system.

The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran

The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran offers a formula to set and achieve ambitious annual goals by treating each quarter like its own focused year.

Moran’s approach breaks large goals into 12 week sprints with detailed plans, weekly targets, and daily disciplines. This delivers the urgency and results of a year in a condensed period. Readers learn productivity tools to apply intense execution against top priorities.

By reviewing performance and resetting plans every 12 weeks, readers can accomplish far more annually through greater engagement. The book provides an intentional goal achievement system based on accountability, evaluation, and constant improvement.

Moran offers an actionable methodology to turn any vision into reality through disciplined execution applied in manageable increments. The book helps those struggling with follow-through to implement powerful intentions.




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