Helen Godfrey, MA, NCC, BCC, LPC

Career & Life Coach; Licensed Professional Counselor in Houston, Texas

Therapy for Texas Residents Only

Therapy is only available for residents of Texas and may include the following topics:

  • Stress management
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Workplace challenges
  • Quarter-life crisis
  • Life transitions/change

If you’ve never been to counseling, you may wonder how it works. Perhaps you think you can figure it out on your own or have a friend or family member help you work through your thoughts. This method can work for some, and I would encourage you to try doing this if you prefer.

Advantages of working with me:

  • I am emotionally removed from your situation to better provide a more objective response.
  • I do not have an ideal outcome for you. My only agenda for our sessions is for me to help you figure out what you want. Only you can determine what you want, and I support you as you sort through thoughts, feelings, and next steps.
  • The nature of your relationship with family/friends is different than it will be with me. During your session, it is all about you. Read that again – your sessions are all about YOUYou don’t have to worry about talking too much, whether you choose my 50-minute or 90-minute sessions. Many of my clients talk for 40 minutes non-stop, and we debrief for the last 10 minutes. It all depends on your needs.
  • Many of my clients remark, “I never thought of that” or “I didn’t see that connection before.” As a counselor, I am trained to ask the right questions to help you clarify your thoughts and goals. I am also qualified to notice reoccurring themes and patterns, which we work through together.

Interested in learning more? You can request a complimentary 15-minute appointment here.

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